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The most efficient way to contact us is through our primary business email. An alternate contact is our Chief Executive of Information Technology and Design. For social media, check out our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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Lead Mentor Phone Number (Josh Barnett): (734)502-3871

Alternate Lead Mentor Phone Number (Karl Heinrich): (734)629-6508

2017-2018 Events

  1. October 16th-27th Candy Sale
  2. October 23rd Texas Roadhouse Fundraiser
  3. Chipotle fendraiser November 14th
  4. DADARA Competition TBA
  5. March 8th-10th Waterford District

Team Roster

  1. Josh Barnett
  2. Karl Heinrich
  3. Donnie Castaldini
  4. Scott Simons
  5. Josh Johnson
  6. Beth Tolliver
  7. Kelly Barnett
  8. Trevor Davis
  9. Nick Curry
  10. Kayla Vuich
  11. Mason Webb
  12. Shana Totten
  13. Naaman Chaudray
  14. Christian Jones
  1. Teddy Ivanac (President)
  2. Oliver Gietzen (Vice President)
  3. Mitchell Castaldini (IT Captain)
  4. Al Jones (Build and Safety Captain)
  5. Curtis Bell (Design Captain)
  6. Lisa Balasa (PR and Business Captain)
  7. Natalie Decker(Executive Advisor)
  8. Bria Quick(Executive Advisor)
  9. Christian Escalante

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide students educational opportunities to learn and engage in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) through the FIRST Robotics program. We encourage and inspire students to follow a career path focusing on these subjects we find vital to their success in a changing world. Over the years, we have received awards for our accomplishments and we aspire to become a major contender at the FRC International Competition.

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